FAQs : Power Upgrades Ford Figo

FAQs relating to our performance exhaust manifold, Stage 1 Kit and camshafts for the Ford Figo 1,4 L.

1.  Tell me more about the Ford Figo power upgrade. What you do & how much will I gain?
The Stage 1 kit consists of the SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold and the SWR mapped Unichip. It increases power by around 10 kW and torque increases by 10 Nm from under 2000 rpm all the way to the limiter. Your fuel economy will be much better too. We recently had a Figo customer from Pretoria tell us he averaged 5.7 l/100km on a 1700km holiday trip. Towing a small trailer and with 4 adults in the car. And he couldn't believe how well the car pulled.

2.  What more power upgrades do you also do on this?
We have performance cams for the Figo. The car flies with these cams making around 82 kW.

3.  I am looking to purchase the 4-2-1 exhaust manifold for my Figo Duratec 1.4. I see you recommend that the rear silencer be replaced with a free flow system. Does the whole exhaust have to be done or can just the rear silencer be replaced while still keeping the same diameter and does the resonator after the cat also affect the flow of the gases having to be replaced?
You can leave the pipe diameter standard and keep the standard resonator. You can change the back box to a nice free flow unit.

4.  Also I heard that the gasket and bolts of the old manifold need to be discarded and new ones must be bought, is this true?
You don't need to replace the bolts. You can actually re-use the gasket as it's a steel gasket.

5.  I drive a Ford Figo 1.4 2014 model with around 70 000km on the clock. I want to know if it is possible to reach between 90 kW and 100 kW with any of the parts and products you sell.
The maximum power you will get is around 82 kW. Then it will still be reliable. We have the Stage 1 kit which is very popular. It includes the SWR 4-2-1 branch and SWR mapped Unichip. That will give you around 75 kW. Then we have the SWR performance cams which should bring power up to 82 kW.

6.  Could you please tell me if I could fit your Stage 1 conversion onto my 2015 Figo with 45,000 km on the clock? Would I have to replace the clutch? Or do anything else?
Yes it's fine to fit the Stage 1 kit. I have customers that have done way over 200 000km with the kit fitted and never had a day's trouble. You don't have to change the clutch or anything else. You will be amazed how much better your Figo will run and much better fuel economy too.

7.  What is your take on a cold air intake for my Ford Figo?  I do not travel far nor do I sit in traffic for more than 2 min.  Would i need to re-tune my chip if I change to a cold air intake?  How would I go about knowing what sized pipes and filters to use?  And which way to install it - such as pipe length and setup?
You will not need to reprogram the ECU. You will have to play around with pipe sizes. But a pipe diameter slightly larger than your throttle body diameter will be fine. The longer the pipe will increase low down torque.

8.  I have a Ford Figo 1.4 Ambiente. I've read extensively about your Stage 1 package for this car and I am very interested. Where do I get it installed? Are there any additional parts I will need to have to install the package, like a cat converter or rear box? I don't want my car to sound any different then when it was stock, because I kinda hate when you drive past a VW and the exhaust makes that loud irritating sound. If possible could you also recommend any other performance upgrades I could get to make the car better, like a freeflow unit? Or air filter? Or induction unit? I'm in Centurion.
The kit consists of the SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold and the SWR mapped Unichip with wiring loom. The Unichip takes care of the engine management light. So you won't need a cat fooler. The SWR branch you can have fitted at any decent exhaust shop near you. It is a 2 piece so as to make fitting very easy. We have a recommended workshop near you in Hennops Park called CoachmansAuto. They do excellent work. You buy the kit from us and they can install it for you. They can just fit the Unichip for you if you have the SWR branch fitted at an exhaust shop, or they can fit both. You can fit a free flow silencer at the rear. A 180mm x 500mm round silencer works well. Some Figos just have one big silencer box standard and some have a middle silencer too. If yours has only one, then I would recommend fitting a free flow resonator in the middle just to quieten the car a bit. Don't go bigger on the exhaust system pipe diameter. Keep it standard. Otherwise you will lose mid to low range power and torque.

9. What more upgrades do you do after the Stage 1?
We have sets of performance cams for the Figo. The car will fly with these cams. It will make around 80 Kw.

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