FAQs: Ford Figo Aftermarket Performance Modifications

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1.  I would like to enquire about the 4-2-1 branch for the Figo.  Do I need to change the rest of the exhaust and back box?
You can keep the rest of your system standard.  Don't go bigger on the diameter, otherwise you lose mid to low range power and torque.  If you want, you can replace the rear box with a free flow unit. A 180 mm round box x 500 mm long works well. It is not really necessary though. It gives maybe 1 or 2 Kw.  The SWR branch on its own makes a massive difference fitted to the standard exhaust system.

2.  I am interested in purchasing an exhaust system for my Ford Figo 2010.  I am interested based on the fuel economy factor.  What kind of improvements have you seen?
It makes a big difference to fuel economy.  Because of the extra torque and power you don't need as much throttle to maintain the same speed.  I had a customer send me a mail a while back saying he averaged 5.8 l/100km towing a small trailer over a 1400km holiday trip.  Keeping to the speed limit.  He had the stage 1 kit which included the SWR mapped Unichip which gives even more power and torque.  Just the exhaust alone will still give you an extra 2km to a litre.

3.  Does the exhaust manifold for the Ford Figo come with a place for the oxygen sensor?
Yes it does.

4.  Would I need to tune my car or can I just put the manifold on and will it run normally?
It will run normally.  You will not need to tune your car.

5.  What should you do from the manifold to the actual exit? Can you leave everything stock or would you advise to change it?
You can leave everything stock.  No need to change anything.  You can just fit the SWR branch.  Keep the rest of the system the standard exhaust diameter.  If you want that extra Kw, you can change the rear silencer box to a free flow unit.  A 180mm x 500mm long round box works well.

6.  I have a 2014 Ford Figo 1.4 Petrol and I bought your branch for it.  Is a mini cat required or not? Will the car behave normally ECU wise? 
Try it without a cat fooler first.  It seems that on most 1.4 Figos the engine light stays off.  If the light doesn't come on after 100km, then you are ok.  Most exhaust shops have cat foolers if it comes on.

7.  I would like to buy the Stage 1 performance kit for my Ford Figo 1.4.  If I fit the kit will the sound of the car change a lot?  I don't reallly want a lot of sound because it's not a sports car.
No it will not sound a lot noisier.  If you want you can fit a free flow silencer at the back to replace the original one.  The bigger the quieter it is.  180mm diameter x 500mm long works well.  Do not go bigger on your exhaust system diameter, leave it standard. If you go bigger, your car will lose low to mid range torque.

8.  How would it make the car sound just with the branch? I'm not intending on putting a free flow as I don't want too much highway drone.
It will sound fine. Plenty Figo guys just fit the exhaust. The older Fjgo's had only one big silencer box and were a little noisy and some guys fitted a small free flow resonator box in the middle too quiet it a bit more.

9.  I want to install this performance chip in my Figo.
It's not worth just fitting a Unichip to a standard car without a branch etc. Your standard Siemens Ecu is very good. You might get an extra 1 Kw if you are lucky. Rather fit our SWR 421 performance branch which will give you big gains in power and torque. Then you can fit our SWR mapped Unichip and get even more gains.

10.  About the ford figo upgrade - what you do?  How much will I gain?  How much will I lose?
The kit consists of the SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold and the SWR mapped Unichip.  It increases power by around 10 Kw and Torque increases by 10 nm from under 2000rpm all the way to the limiter.  Your fuel economy will be much better too.  There are no negatives, only gains.