FAQs : Performance Modifications Ford Figo


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FAQs relating to our performance exhaust manifold, Stage 1 Kit and camshafts for the Ford Figo 1,4 L.

1.  I have a 2013 1.4 16v Ford Figo, and I would like to find out if you have something available that would increase my engines power?
Yes we have the SWR 4-2-1 perfomance exhaust manifold which makes a massive difference to power and torque from under 2000 rpm all the way to the limiter. Then you can add the SWR mapped Unichip which gives even more power and torque and better fuel economy. That completes Stage 1.

2.  Vir die Figo 1.4 petrol 2014 model.... wat word van die CAT?
Die Cat word saam met die ou manifold uitgehaal. Jy kan 'n Cat Fooler in sit om die enjin liggie af te skakel.

3.  Ek wil graag die Figo se agterste knaldemper en middelste een behou, aangesien ek al verby die “free-flow” stadium van my lewe is. Is dit aangewese en sal ek nog steeds met die standaard knaldempers ‘n verbetering in krag en wringkrag verkry?
Jy kan die standard boxe hou. Dit maak amper geen verskil. 'n Freeflow gee miskien 1 kW meer dis al.

4.  Would an induction kit or K&N air filter be better for the car? Also would cams be a possibility?
You could fit an Induction Kit, but we found there was no real gain in power. Yes we do have cams for the Figo.

5.  In the FYI note for the Figo 1.4 branch you mention the stock exhaust diameter should be kept on a free flow unit. Do you perhaps know what this diameter is? Also, what is the ideal free flow diameter to get the best results from the SWR branch?
The standard diameter is 47mm. It's best to keep the pipe 47mm. Don't go bigger if you fit the SWR branch.

6.  I own a Ford Figo Novelsport. What has been done to the engine of the car has been basically just a freeflow exhaust system. I would like to know what possible gains I will be looking at with regards to that. Also at what mods am I looking at if I want to add a few extra kWs and Nms? I read about your cams on the FordStForum and a few guys recommended you.
You could fit our SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold. It will give you around 10 Nm more torque and around 7 Kw more power. Fitting the branch and cams and unichip will give around 81 kW and more than 10 Nm torque.

7.  I'm purchasing the Figo as a toy car and would like to know what could be done with it. Is turbo charging possible?
We stay away from turbo charging. Seen too many blown engines. You could fit our Stage 1 kit. We do have cams which we run on the 1600 but work well on the Figo as well. That we call Stage 2.

8.  I would like to find out if your Stage 1 kit will be able to be fitted in a 2013 Ford Figo 1.4 Ambient (novel sport edition)?
Yes the Stage 1 kit will fit your Novel Sport.

9.  I have been a happy customer of your 1.4 Figo Stage 1 Performance Kit for the past 8 months, however, I am looking for a little bit more. I have heard talks of fitting a T2 or T3 bolt on turbo kit or even re doing the cams of the car. If I may ask, what is your perception on the above? My car is currently sitting on 73kw.
I am glad you are happy with your 1.4 Figo. I stay away from turbos. I have seen too many blown engines, and also your gearbox won't last. I have sets of performance cams for the 1.4 Figo and 1.6 Fiesta. It will give you around 80kw once fitted and really runs well.

10.  I have a 2014 Ford Figo and am interested in your Stage 1 Kit.  Where would I go to get this fitted?  What other upgrades would you recommend with this kit installed and where would I get these upgrades?
You can have the SWR 4-2-1 exhaust manifold fitted at any exhaust shop near you. It's a 2-piece manifold which makes fitting very easy and it comes with a quality spring loaded knuckle for easy fitting to your standard exhaust system. The Unichip is pre-mapped and comes with its own wiring loom and wiring diagram. There is nothing much else I would recommend. It works really well. You could replace the rear silencer box with a nice free flow unit. The bigger the less noisier it is. Most customers fit a 180 mm x 500 mm round silencer which fits perfectly and a nice tail piece!

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