About us

Steve WyndhamSteve has 23 years of motor racing experience behind him. He was the 1993 South African Production Car Champion and also won individual events on many other occasions. He spent 8 years with the Ford Motor Company both as a racing driver and manager of the South African Ford Racing Team—all of which included building and developing Ford race cars.

Having built and raced the pre-2004 Fiestas, as well as the later model Mk6 Fiestas, his knowledge of the ROCAM, DURATEC and ZETEC-S engines is comprehensive.

Every bit of advantage from the motors in this production car category was explored and exploited to the utmost. Steve also happens to be a qualified Mechanical Engineer!

It is from this very professional background that the SWR Performance Parts and Kits have been developed.

Some of the cars Steve raced and prepared during his eventful racing career

 Production Cars Championship 2005 - Ford Focus ST170

 Production Cars Championship between 2001 and 2004 - Ford Falcon V8

Steve racing his Porsche 993 RS at various Porsche Western Province Club events

Production Car Championship 2006 - Fiesta ST

Sasol Ford backed V8 Modified Championship 1997 to 1998 - 600 HP

Ford Racing SA Super Touring Car Championship - Steve racing the Ford Factory Mondeo Cosworth

Some of the cars Steve built and prepared during the time he managed the Ford Racing Team for Ford Motor Company, South Africa

Production Cars Championship 2002 - 2005

 Production Cars Championship 2002 - 2005

Ford Fiesta Mk5 RSi

Ford Ikons 1.6