SWR ST90 Pre-Mapped Unichip ECU for Rocam 1.3L

SWR ST90 Pre-Mapped Unichip ECU

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  • As part of the SWR ST90 Performance Kit designed specifically for the Ford Rocam 1.3L 8V Engine, the Unichip Q+ piggy-back ECU comes already calibrated for your vehicle and includes a wiring loom, bridge plug and a wiring diagram for easy installation
  • Suitable for:
  • 1.3L Ford Ka
  • Ford Bantam
  • Ford Courier Pickup (South America)
  • Ford Ikon / Fiesta Saloon (2001 onwards)
  • pre-2004 Ford Fiesta Mk5
  • Ford Fiesta Mk6 Zetec Rocam 8V 1.3L vehicles (South American Market)
  • All 1.3L Rocam 8V / Duratec 8V engines
  • Can be fitted very easily by a good mechanical workshop. Please note that this map is mapped in accordance with the SWR Performance Exhaust Manifold and SWR1 Performance Camshaft having already been fitted and is the final part of the kit when bought in stages
  • The standard output on a 1.3 is 51Kw, with your complete ST90 Kit fitted, power is boosted to an amazing 66 Kw (90HP), while the torque increases from 110 Nm to 122 Nm from as low as 2000 RPM

* Please enquire before purchasing to ensure your standard ECU is compatible with our maps and wiring looms. South American countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela have different standard ECU’s to ours and will therefore not be compatible with our maps and wiring loom.

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