FAQs: Performance Mods Ford Rocam

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FAQs relating to our Rocam performance products.

1.  My ford bantam 1.6 Rocam is noticeably heavy on fuel.  I would like to know what modifications would you recommend for this type of engine to decrease fuel consumption without compromising power.
With our ST120 kit fitted your Bantam will be much lighter on fuel and it will fly. It has so much power and torque low down that you don't have to use as much throttle to maintain the same speed. It makes much more power and torque further up the rev range as well. You could start by first fitting our SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold which gives lots of extra torque and you will save a bit more on fuel. The ideal is the complete kit which is perfectly calibrated.

2.  I would like to know if you can custom make a performance camshaft for my Ford Fiesta 1.6 RSI with the 1.6 Rocam engine?
We have the SWR performance cam which works well on the RSi.

3.  I have a 2011 Bantam 1.6i and am looking for more power especially torque. I've considered a turbo boosting 0.5/0.7 bar but my concern is reliability. I travel long distances from time to time and can't afford to break down in the middle of the Northern Cape! I've been googling the pro's and con's regarding a turbo, and your name keeps on popping up with the conversions you do. What would you recommend?
To be very honest, I stay away from turbo conversions. I have seen too many broken Bantams. The gearbox can't handle it as well. Our ST 120 conversion is extremely reliable. I have happy customers that have done over 400 000km with the kit fitted with no problems. Your Bantam will have amazing torque and power from under 2000rpm all the way to the limiter. You will be very impressed.

4.  How works better this cam fits as a std points? Or Retard or advance some degrees BTDC. The header works better like a direct original lines or a half next to rear wheel? How many total degrees of ignition works better ? I am using 32 degrees by ignition ecu and single carburetor (no injection).
You can install it using standard points. Also your ignition timing at around 32 degrees is fine. Maybe advance it to 33 deg. Keep your exhaust routed right to the rear of the car it works best. 50 mm diameter.

5.  I purchased the St120 kit from you a few months back. Love the new power and torque. My bantam is so much more fun to drive now. The power is awesome from just over 2000rpm all the way to the just over 6000rpm. Sounds stunning too. Now I am looking for the next step in upgrades. Do you have anything more you supply or can you advise what else I could do to tweak it a little more?
I am glad you are enjoying your ST 120 kit. It really does transform the Bantam into a fun vehicle. Unfortunately there is nothing else one can do to make it faster. You would have to open the engine and spend a lot of bucks. It's not worth it. Rather leave the engine untouched.

6.  I am from Argentina. I got a Ford Ka with 1.6 Zetec Rocam engine and am just looking for a performance camshaft for it. I want to know if I have to do some modifications for camshaft install? Also I want to hear more your product like what is the estimated profit in HP and Torque and in which range of Rpm ? Do you need to reprogram ECU after camshaft installing?
You do not need any modifications. The SWR camshaft fits just like the standard one. It gives around 10hp more. The power increase is from around 5000rpm to 6800rpm. The ECU will adapt OK.

7.  What is the effective range of your SWR camshafts for the Ford Bantam 1.3l Rocam and will your cam be able to support 7000 rpms?
The SWR cam starts making more power from 4000rpm all the way to the limiter. It will make power to 7000rpm, but the engine characteristics are such that it will be safe to around 6700rpm.

8.  We've done the Stage 1 camshaft. Would like to know by how much will the power gain if I do the complete conversion on a standard 1600 Bantam?
The power increases from 70 kW to 87 kW on the pre-2008 models without Cat. On the newer models from 2008 onwards customers are getting 90 kW.

9.  Two years ago I bought a 1.6 Ford Sport Ka Performance Camshaft. I am very happy with the product and I was thinking to complete the expansion with the 1.6 Ford Sport Ka 4-2-1 Performance Exhaust Manifold, and the SWR ST120 Pre-Mapped Unichip ECU. Does the pre-mapped unit comes with instructions about how to change it?
Yes the pre-mapped unichip comes with its own wiring diagram on how to fit it. Any motor mechanic or auto electrician can easily fit it for you.  Or if you have a friend that is a bit technical and can solder a few wires, you can fit it yourself.

10.  I'm driving a Ford Bantam 1.3.   Could I buy a bigger engine for the Bantam, so in that way it will have more power and speed than what the 1.3 can offer me?  You could purchase our ST 90 kit for your Bantam 1.3 and it will make the same power as a 1.6 Bantam.  It will fly.  You could purchase a 1.6 engine and have it fitted.  But you will then have to fit a Unichip and have it specially mapped (calibrated) because your 1.3 ECU will not work properly.  I would rather fit the ST 90 kit.  It will be a lot cheaper.