Performance Exhaust Manifold for the 1.6 Ford Fiesta Mk7
dyno graph power and torque gains for Ford Fiesta Mk7 performance exhaust manifold

1.6 Ford Fiesta Mk7 16V 4-2-1 Performance Exhaust Manifold

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  • 4-2-1 Performance Exhaust Manifold designed specifically for the Ford Zetec-S 1.6L 16V engine
  • Suitable for:
  • 1.6L Ford Fiesta Mk7 16V (2007 onwards)
  • Proven better fuel economy and impressive gains in torque and power
  • Provides extra power and torque across the rev range from as low as 2000 RPM (amazing low down torque) by delivering maximum performance from the combustion process
  • Gains when fitting the SWR 4-2-1 Performance Exhaust Manifold:
  • Power: +/- 8 kW
  • Torque: +/- 152 Nm to 163 Nm
  • Having more torque provides the extra grunt (pulling power) needed when going up hill or when carrying a heavier load, and this improves fuel consumption as less throttle is required
  • SWR Performance Exhaust Manifolds are manufactured in South Africa by the same manufacturer of original equipment for Ford, BMW and Volkswagen.
  • The Performance Exhaust Manifold comes as a 2-piece for easier fitting
  • Note: We advise that the rear silencer can be replaced with a free flow unit, but that the diameter of the standard exhaust system should not be changed as this will result in a loss of low to mid-range power and torque especially at higher altitude areas


Overall power and torque gains after fitting the SWR 4-2-1 Performance Manifold. Measured on a rolling road dyno.

Note: The power figure quoted by Ford is 88kW at the flywheel on an engine dyno. Due to the power steering pump, air conditioning pump etc, which rob power, generally we found that a stock standard 1.6 Fiesta Mk7 makes between 86kW – 88kW power and between 148Nm – 150Nm torque measured at the flywheel.

Read frequently asked questions relating to our Ford Fiesta Mk7 power upgrades here and watch a short customer video here.

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