FAQs: Ford Fiesta Mk7 Power Upgrades

1.  I am looking to order the SWR branch manifold for a Mk7 1.6 Fiesta.  Would you recommend using it in conjunction with a mini cat or is this not necessary?
It seems that the Mk7 Fiestas are not so sensitive to the cat being removed.  Customers say the engine light doesn't come on.  First check once you fit the branch.  You can always fit one later.

2.  Do you sell the unichip for a Mk7 Fiesta 1.6 and if so, does it come with a map loaded or will it still need to be tuned?
It's not worth fitting just the Unichip.  The Mk7 Siemens Ecu is very good, so one does not gain fitting a chip.  Have you got one of our SWR 421 branches fitted?  That makes a big difference.

3.  Apart from the 1.4 Ford Fiesta Mk7 4-2-1 Performance Exhaust Manifold - what other parts would be required to complete the upgrade?
We only have the exhaust for the Mk7.  It already has very good cams.  It has a very good ECU, so it's not worth fitting a Unichip.

4.  I drive a 1.4 Fiesta Mk7. I would like to fit a camshaft set, performance exhaust manifold and unichip, but want to know how much gain I will get with the setup.
They are fantastic cars.  We fitted a SWR performance manifold on it and power went up to 79 Kw and torque increased by almost 10 Nm from under 2000 rpm all the way to the limiter.  We then fitted a Unichip and because the Mk7 has such a good Siemens ECU that adapts to the exhaust change, we only got a 1,5 kW gain which is nothing and not worth doing.   Also the Mk7 has very good cams already.  We measured them and they are almost identical to our SWR Mk6 Fiesta cams. So we couldn't improve on that either.  So all you need is a SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust from us.  It is a 2 piece manifold for easy fitting by any exhaust shop and comes with a quality spring loaded knuckle (flex) included.

5.  I would like to order the 1.4 Fiesta Mk7 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold?  Can I use any other type of freeflow with your 4-2-1 or do you suggest a specific make?  I see a lot of people use the one on your website, looks like it can sound great. I also want that induction sound but I'm worried to put one on the car just incase it messes up the engine.
You can use any free flow silencer.  The bigger the silencer the quieter it will be.  What customers generally use is a 180mm x 500mm round silencer which fits well and will give you 1 or 2 extra kw.  The standard induction works very well on the Mk7 so I wouldn't change it.

6.  Do the branches come with bung holes for the sensors?  Concerned I might have lights going on on the speedometer once I do a conversion to the branches and free flow.
Yes they do.  The SWR Mk7 manifold has two.  One for the O2 sensor and a 2nd one for the cat check sensor.

7.  I wish to improve the performance of my Ford Fiesta 1.4 engine.  What can you offer?
You have the new Mk7 Fiesta 1.4 for which we have a very good SWR 4-2-1 exhaust manifold.  It gives you lots of extra torque and power from under 2000rpm all the way to the limiter.  Your fuel economy will also be better with normal driving because of the extra torque you will not need to give as much throttle to maintain the same speed.  We have many happy Mk7 1.4 customers in the Gauteng area at high altitude (where you lose 18% power because of less oxygen) where the SWR exhaust makes a big difference with pulling power.  Your Mk7 has a very good standard ECU that adapts very well to the performance exhaust, so you do not need to fit a chip as it gives no significant extra gains.  You can have the SWR exhaust fitted at any exhaust shop near you.  It is a 2-piece manifold which makes for easy fitting and includes a spring loaded knuckle (flex) as well.

8.  I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta Mk7 Titanium 5-door 1.6, so will your performance manifold still work? Also you discuss changing the rear silencer for a free-flow, would a cat-back exhaust still be ok - again keeping pipe diameter standard? Also would changing the muffler tip size impact negatively? I will be looking to add a bit of roar by changing the exhaust (branch, piping and muffler). And lastly is the performance manifold ceramic coated?
Yes our performance manifold will work perfectly on your car.  You can keep the rest of the system standard.  It is best to keep the diameter standard.  Changing the muffler tip is fine, it will not affect anything at all.  It is not ceramic coated. Ceramic coating is expensive to have done. Not worth it.

9.  I am in the USA and race a 2011 1600cc Ford Fiesta in SCCA.  I am looking for some performance products.  Do you have a 1.6 Ford Fiesta Mk7 Stage 1 Performance Kit that will work on my car?  Or a piggy back unit?  How about an air intake or other suggestions?
Our performance exhaust manifold will work perfectly on your 1.6 Mk7.  We have done tests and the standard ECU works very well with the manifold and does not need chipping.  You can just fit it to your existing exhaust system.  It gives you lots of extra torque and power from under 2000rpm all the way to the limiter.  Will be great for racing and give you much better punch out of the corners.  You can just fit a cone filter with piping onto your throttle body. Any decent make like K&N or Simota will work.

10.  Do you know of any hand held tuners that work with the Mk7?  I'll be installing your manifold and using a K+N air intake.  Any insight into rear sway bars or tower strut braces?
I do not know of any hand held tuning for the 2011 Fiesta.  Regarding strut braces and sway bars, the 2011 Fiesta has a really good chassis.  I personally wouldn't fit a strut brace as I don't think you will feel any difference.  It does look nice though!