Performance Kit for the 1.6 SportKa / Bantam Rocam Engine

1.6 Ford SportKA / Ford Bantam / Fiesta RSi ST120 Performance Kit

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  • Our ST120 performance kit is designed specifically for the Ford Rocam 1.6L Engine
  • Suitable for:
  • 1.6L Ford SportKA
  • 1.6L Ford StreetKA
  • Ford Bantam
  • Ford Courier Pickup (South America)
  • Ford Ikon / Fiesta Saloon (2001 onwards)
  • pre-2004 Ford Fiesta Mk5
  • Ford Fiesta Mk6 Zetec Rocam 8V 1.6L vehicles (South American Market)
  • Ford Fiesta RSi 1.6
  • All 1.6L Rocam 8V / Duratec 8V engines
  • Consists of the SWR 4-2-1 Performance Exhaust Manifold, SWR1 Performance Camshaft and the SWR Unichip Q+ Recalibrated Computer (incl. wiring loom, bridge plug & wiring diagram) *
  • Although excellent gains will be obtained by fitting the individual components, the full kit is an integrated system designed to deliver stunning all round performance and economy
  • The standard power output on a 1.6 Ford Bantam Pickup is about 70 Kw. The ST120 kit takes this up to an amazing 88 Kw (120 horse power) and torque increases from 137 Nm to 150 Nm from as low as 2000RPM
  • SWR Performance Exhaust Manifolds are manufactured in South Africa by the same manufacturer of original equipment for Ford, BMW and Volkswagen.
  • They are ISO 9001 and German TUV approved
  • The kit is simple to install.  Any good exhaust shop can fit the performance exhaust manifold.  It comes with a quality knuckle (springs, bolts & nuts included) for flex, which can be welded onto your standard exhaust system and gives impressive torque gains from 2000RPM all the way up the rev range. To be used without a cat or you can fit a cat after the manifold. It comes with a lambda sensor point
  • SWR advises that in order to get the best results, the rear silencer can be replaced with a free flow unit, but that the diameter of the exhaust system should not be changed as this will result in a loss of power.
  • The SWR camshaft fits exactly as the standard camshaft.  No vernier pulleys needed.  The vehicle idles perfectly and power gains are around 9 – 10 Kw without losing any low to mid-range power and torque.  Any good mechanical workshop should be able to fit this easily.
  • SWR Performance Camshafts are manufactured in Europe by the same camshaft supplier of original equipment to Ford, BMW & Volkswagen
  • Camshaft bolts straight in, no shims or other modifications needed.
  • Engine idles perfectly (no lumpy idle).
  • No loss of power & torque at lower revs
  • The Unichip Q+ is a piggy-back ECU which comes already calibrated for your car and includes a wiring loom and a wiring diagram. This can be fitted very easily by a good mechanical workshop.

* Please enquire before purchasing to ensure your standard ECU is compatible with our maps and wiring looms. South American countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela have different standard ECU’s to ours and will therefore not be compatible with our maps and wiring loom.

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