FAQs: Ford Fiesta Performance Modifications

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FAQs relating to our Ford Fiesta Mk6 and Ford Fiesta Mk7 performance parts.

1. I would just like to know if there are any meaningful upgrades available for the Ford Fiesta Mk7.5 1.4?
Our SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold is a real winner. It really transforms the 1.4 Mk7.5. It improves torque from under 2000rpm all the way to the limiter, by more than 10 Nm. Power increases by around 7 Kw (10hp). The standards ECU adapts very well and it is a waste of money to chip it. We have done all the tests and with the SWR 4-2-1 fitted the power went up by from 79kw to 80kw with chipping.

2. Interested in exhaust manifold for my Mk6 Fiesta 1.6 Duratec. Just wanted to know if the branch is mild steel or stainless steel?
It is a quality mild steel manifold. We stay away from stainless steel as they have a tendency to crack.

3. I've read that mild steel has a shorter life span than stainless. How long should I expect the manifold to last?
The mild steel exhaust manifold is really thick metal and will basically last the car's lifetime. It doesn't rust through as it gets hot every time you drive, so won't rust. We don't recommend using stainless steel for the exhaust manifold as they tend to crack because of the heat.

4. Ek het 'n Ford Fiesta 1.4 2015. Wil hom nog ligter op petrol maak. Wat kan julle vir my doen?
Ons het die SWR 4-2-1 performance exhaust manifold vir jou Fiesta 1.4 mk7 wat baie meer krag en torque sal gee. Die Torque en krag is baie beter van onder 2000rpm tot die limieter. As n mens normaalwerk ry gaan jou kar beter wees op brandstof. Die mk7 se standaard ECU is baie goed en n Unichip is nie nodig nie.

5. I purchased one of your branches and my engine light burns non-stop. I installed a mini cat and wiped the computer, but the light wont switch off. Do you maybe have any information regarding getting it too turn off like it's supposed too?
It's very strange that with the mini cat fitted the engine light still comes on. The only other way is to fit a Unichip which will take care of the engine light and give you much more power and torque. I have heard that some mini cats do not have any of the platinum substrate that is in a normal catalytic converter. Maybe the one you bought might be one?
- I do have a Unichip+ installed, should it just be remapped maybe?
If you had the Unichip in before you installed the branch, then the Unichip needs to be remapped on a dyno.
You will not need a mini cat then. The Unichip should take care of the engine light. Take the car to a decent Unichip tuning shop and they will sort it out. Tell them to remove the mini cat.