FAQs: Ford Fiesta Performance Modifications

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FAQs relating to our Ford Fiesta Mk6 performance parts.

1.  Interested in the performance manifold for my Mk6 Fiesta 1.6 Duratec.  Is the branch mild steel or stainless steel?
It is a quality mild steel manifold. We stay away from stainless steel as they have a tendency to crack.

2. I've read that mild steel has a shorter life span than stainless. How long should I expect the manifold to last?
The mild steel exhaust manifold is really thick metal and will basically last the car's lifetime. It doesn't rust through as it gets hot every time you drive, so won't rust. We don't recommend using stainless steel for the exhaust manifold as they tend to crack because of the heat.

3. I purchased one of your branches and my engine light burns non-stop. I installed a mini cat and wiped the computer, but the light wont switch off. Do you maybe have any information regarding getting it too turn off like it's supposed too?
It's very strange that with the mini cat fitted the engine light still comes on. The only other way is to fit a Unichip which will take care of the engine light and give you much more power and torque. I have heard that some mini cats do not have any of the platinum substrate that is in a normal catalytic converter. Maybe the one you bought might be one?
- I do have a Unichip+ installed, should it just be remapped maybe?
If you had the Unichip in before you installed the branch, then the Unichip needs to be remapped on a dyno.
You will not need a mini cat then. The Unichip should take care of the engine light. Take the car to a decent Unichip tuning shop and they will sort it out. Tell them to remove the mini cat.

4. I am interested in the Ford Fiesta Mk6 stage 1 kit.  I have a Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ghia 1.6 facelift 2006. I would like to know would the ECU affect the OD read outs like the fuel consumption and distance to empty. As well as would the management light turn on without there being a cat installed?
The Unichip takes care of the engine light and the cat.  Your fuel economy will be much better travelling normally.  Your Instruments will not be affected.  You will just go further on a tank.

5. Is it possible to get the branch on it's own and will this result in the management light going on? If so how can I get it to go off.
With most Figos the engine light does not come on.  But you can fit a cat fooler.

6. I will be fitting the branch myself.   Will it fit straight on to the stock exhaust system?  I will be getting the exhaust done at a later stage.  Which exhaust system will be best for this branch setup?
You can fit it to your standard system, no problem.  At a later stage you can fit a free flow silencer in place of the rear one.  A 180mm x 500mm long round silencer works best.  Leave the rest of the system the std 54mm pipe, dont go bigger. The middle small resonater is a free flow unit so you can leave it.  Drive it hard for the first day or two.  The ECU "learns" the new exhausts and adapts and the car gets even better.

7. I would like to ask would the branches on the 1.6 Fiesta be compatible with the stock backbox?
Yes it works perfectly with the back box. You don't need to change the standard system.

8.  I just want to know is the knuckle joint good enough or should it be changed to a flex joint?
The knuckle is better than a flex.  We use the knuckle because as the flex gets older the braiding can sometimes start coming apart and blocks the exhaust.

9.  I'm from Australia.  I have an Mk6 2005 Fiesta that I race and I'm wanting to know what parts of yours are available for the Australian model Fiesta?
We have an extremely good SWR 4-2-1 header which gives massive power and torque gains from under 2000 rpm all the way to the limiter which gives you good punch out the corners as well which is important.  We have SWR cams which are around 280 degree duration.  Here in South Africa we run the piggy back Unichip. With the SWR header, cams and Unichip fitted power increases from 74kW to around 95kW. That's without opening the engine.

10. With regards to the Fiesta Mk6 stage 1 upgrade kit, does the exhaust system work with or without the catalytic converter?  If it works with one can the standard cat be used?  Also you mention that the rear silence be replaced.  If the standard one is left in what will the effect be?
You can remove the catalytic convertor and it will run perfectly. You can fit a small sport cat if you like. The original cat will not work. You can keep your original silencer it will be fine. If you want that extra 1 or 2 kw then you can fit a free flow silencer.