1.6 Ford Fiesta Mk6 Performance Camshafts

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  • After trying out numerous combinations of performance camshafts and performance exhaust manifolds we have come up with a set of performance camshafts that really work well
  • Suitable for:
  • 1.6L Ford Fiesta Mk6
  • 1.6L Ford Fiesta Mk5
  • 1.6L Ford Focus (2001 - 2004)
  • Ford Ikon (2007 onwards)
  • After fitting the SWR Performance Camshaft set you can expect to see power gains of 9 Kw (14 BHP) for 1.6L Ford Fiesta Mk5 and Mk6 Zetec S 16V engines.
  • SWR Performance Camshafts are manufactured in Europe by the same camshaft supplier of original equipment to Ford, BMW & Volkswagen
  • Camshaft bolts straight in. No shims or other modifications needed
  • Engine idles perfectly (no lumpy idle)
  • No loss of power & torque at lower revs
  • What Steve Wyndham Racing has achieved after plenty of research and development—both on the race track and on the the engine dyno—is to develop a performance camshaft which gives good gains in power at the top end of the rev range, without sacrificing too much bottom end power and drivability

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